Portable Fundus Camera

Product Code: Lynx
Portable non-mydriatic digital retinal camera.



The NEW Lynx portable fundus camera is a compact, lightweight and portable non-mydriatic retinal camera that is the perfect retinal imaging tool for any optical specialist

Complete package includes smartphone, optical system, software and carry case.

The lynx portable fundus camera will capture amazingly detailed high resolution images of the retina without the need for any dilation, even with pupils as small as 3.5mm.


Eye preparation / dilation None. Camera is Non-Mydriatic
Field of view 30-35 degrees (depending on pupil size)
Minimum pupil size 3.5mm without dilation. Smaller pupils require dilation
Image size 12 Megapixels (approx 6MB per image)
Image types Colour & Infra Red (mono)
User interface Android touch screen. 5.5”. Screen can be cast to
external screen wirelessly using chromecast
Patient records First Name, Surname, ID, Eye (L/R), Time and Date. Stamped on
image as well as contained in file name to enable search and sort
by patient.
Patient comfort Rubber eye cup for stabity and patient comfort
Security Android security, password encoded memory making unit
inaccessible if correct passcode is not entered. Works even
if connected to external computer
Battery / operating time Approx 4 hours of operation from a single charge.  
Supplied with IEC-60601 approved medical charger.
Focus adjustment Manual focus wheel for adjustment for extreme cases.
90% of patients do not require any focusing simplifying
use by non-clinical staff
Illumination IR illumination and white flash (for colour images)
Backup and propagation Wifi and bluetooth enabled. Can use all android compatible
file sync systems including dropbox, box, google, microsoft
as well as DICOM PACS
Use cases Can be used as fixed or domiciliary setting
Origin Developed and Made in London England
Shipment contents 1x OICO Portable fundus camera (includes built in smartphone)
1x IEC-60601 approved medical charger
1x Alumininum Carry Case
2x rubber eye cup



  • GTIN: 5053839231294
  • Brand: OICO