Ocu-Cam UltraHD Meibomian gland camera and digital slit lamp camera
Ocu-Cam UltraHD Meibomian gland camera and digital slit lamp camera
Ocu-Cam UltraHD Meibomian gland camera and digital slit lamp camera
Ocu-Cam UltraHD Meibomian gland camera and digital slit lamp camera
Ocu-Cam UltraHD Meibomian gland camera and digital slit lamp camera

Meibomian Gland Camera

Digital Meibomian gland imaging system, digital slit lamp camera with integrated illumination ring

Meibomian gland camera, Digital slit lamp camera and Tear film analyser

The OICO Ocu-Cam Ultra HD is the worlds FIRST ocular imaging system with Infra red illumination for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) diagnosis and imaging, white light for colour external photography and additional 470nm Blue light for corneal imaging.

The Ocu-Cam upgrades any traditional slit lamp into a modern digital imaging system with Ultra High Definition imaging and video for a low price.

Simple, user friendly operating interface designed for fast and easy image and video capture by a single operator with very limited training. The universal slit lamp mount ensures zero disruption to practice workflow with simple integration into any Microsoft windows based platform. 


Diagnostic Features
  • Meibomian gland imaging (Meibography)
  • Blapharitis Imaging
  • Demodex Imaging
  • Blue light corneal imaging
  • Non-Invasive Tear Film Break up Time (N.I.B.U.T)
  • Bulbar Redness classification

Measurement functions
  • White to White measurement. (Limbus to Limbus)
  • Tear Meniscus height
  • Pupillometry (Mesopic, Scotopic & Photopic)

Illumination System

Unique ring arrangement with multi wavelength LEDs giving exceptional bright homogeneous light.
Ocu-Cam illumination selector
Simple selector switch for changing illumination colour
  • Eyesafe Infrared for Meibomian gland imaging
  • 470nm Blue for corneal staining imaging
  • White for external ocular imaging
Colour selection

Optical System

High quality AR coated aspheric lenses for highest clarity images

Multi-wavelength optical system for continuously clear focused imaging when changing wavelength

Unique Multi wavelength pass filter providing true colour accuracy and representation. 


Software and Connectivity

Designed from the outset to be simple to use with as little complication as possible, the Ocu-Cam UltraHD has unique plug-and-play connectivity with no software installation or downloads needed for operation. This eliminates compatibility issues and allows you to use the camera on multiple platforms.
This is currently available with the following operating systems:
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista,  Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • Linux with UVC
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.4..8 or later
  • Android 6.0 and above with UVC camera software installed
The plug and play software allows for live image view, photo capture and image capture.

For more advanced use, we have software available for FREE download with enhanced features such as image filtering, patient data storage and allows for remote bluetooth trigger button for image capture.

Software also allows for video capture of upto 2 minutes and scaled overlay for accurate corneal measurement.

Software can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft app store by clicking the link here


OICO Ocu-Cam GUI-1

This software is currently only available for Microsoft Windows 10


Supplied with universal slit lamp mount compatible with focusing rod mount.
Extra long 3m USB cable for connecting to computer.
  • Sensor resolution:
  • Data connectivity:
  • Dimensions:
    42mm x 42mm x 36mm
  • GTIN:
  • Photo size:
    3264 x 2448
  • Product Code:
    Ocu-Cam UltraHD
  • Brand:
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