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Test Charts

Digital test chart

Digital test chart

Complete digital eye test chart system with 22" LCD and controller tablet.

Digital eye test chart


A powerful all in one eye test chart with an HD quality monitor and computer built into one sleek unit. You control the digital eye test chart remotely and wirelessly with the tablet provided, with a thumbnail of the tests used on your tablet so you do not need to turn or look at the screen.

From the quick start up to the easy 1 button calibration and the amazingly fast and easy user interface, the DTC-1 test chart has been designed by opticians to give you the most effortless digital test chart experience.

Designed to be used by anyone and everyone, regardless of computer ability. No more fiddling around with setting up the correct distance, no more spending hours trying to understand the complex software, with the DTC-1 you will be up and running in literally one minute.

Navigate between different charts at the flick of a finger, the large 7” HD tablet computer on your desk allows you to select, change and view your charts, images and tests with no effort.

Fed up of having to find the right buttons on your remote controller in a dark room? Easy, our backlit controller shows you all the buttons you need even in the darkest room without illuminating your room

When designing this test chart, we didn't just focus on making it easy to use, we also wanted to make sure you have all the charts you need to carry out a full and comprehensive visual exam. Our chart is packed full of charts for adults to young children.

Save TIME. Save MONEY and look good at the same time

Optotype list
Landolt C

Tumbling E
Sheridan Gardiner test with matching plate booklet included


Childrens Optotypes:

Aysar's Children's optotype
Childrens Symbols test with matching plate booklet included

Other tests:
Contrast sensitivity
Ishihara colour vision
Visual stress testing
Moving Fan and block
Astigmatic dots
Worth dot four
Red/Green duochrome
Amsler grid 

Scalable 2m to 6m viewing distance
Direct or mirrored viewing
Easily selectable single lines
vertical optotype masking
Single letters/numbers can be selected
Large range of fixation images
Childrens and Adults educational images
Lens promotional images (AR coating, hard coating, progressive power lens, photochromic, polarized lenses, etc) 

System contents:
22” HD monitor
7” tablet PC controller
Embedded PC
Wall mount for monitor
Desk stand for tablet
All wires and cables
All software
Optotype plate matching booklet
Instruction manual

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