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Developing our Multi Spectral Imager and Tomography device

At OICO we’ve had many requests from both customers and prospective customers to develop an affordable Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine.

Over the last 6 months we’ve gone through an internal development process and reviewed the current state of the art in the OCT marketplace to get an understanding as to the functionality that vendors are including in their offerings.

We then went back to basics and reviewed the functionality actually utilised by end users.

As always, the solutions from other vendors are overly complex and all vendors follow each other down a narrow developmental path.

Us, being OICO, weren’t interested in simply following down the beaten track… we went back to basics on how to accurately take tomographic slices of the retina.


We wanted to get rid of the 19th century era Michelson Interferometer, and eliminate the alignment issues associated with slow scanning of multiple images. We also wanted to get rid of the expense associated with the need for coherent illumination and swept sources.

Multi Spectral Imager and Tomography

So what was the solution we came up with?

We sought out various nanotechnology to reduce the expense of polarisation, and built our own switching illumination sources in house to slash costs. We also fundamentally altered the way the scans are captured and use area scan as opposed to line scan to eliminate the need for complex post processing alignment operations.

In brief,  we eliminated over 90% of the complexity of OCT when building our MSIT. Yes we still need fast fourier transforms. However now we offer our end users easy to use C-scan images in a system that a novice with only brief training can use effectively.

Expect to see our MSIT for sale on our website in the next few months.


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